Capital One Venture X Transfer Partners

capital one venture x transfer partners

Navigating the world of travel rewards can be a complex endeavor, particularly when it comes to understanding how to best utilize your points or miles. One of the greatest advantages of certain rewards credit cards is the ability to transfer your earned points to various airline and hotel loyalty programs. The Capital One Venture X card is one of those credit cards offering this flexibility.

Capital One has a host of transfer partners that allow Venture X cardholders to get the most out of their rewards. Before diving into the specifics, please note that information can change, so it’s always a good idea to check Capital One’s website for the most accurate and current transfer partner list.

Airline Transfer Partners

Capital One Venture X cardholders can transfer their rewards to a variety of airline loyalty programs. Here are some of them:

  1. Aeromexico Club Premier
  2. Air Canada Aeroplan
  3. Air France KLM – Flying Blue
  4. Avianca – LifeMiles
  5. Cathay Pacific – Asia Miles
  6. Emirates Skywards
  7. Etihad Airways – Etihad Guest
  8. Eva Air – Infinity MileageLands
  9. Finnair – Finnair Plus
  10. Qantas – Qantas Frequent Flyer
  11. Singapore Airlines – KrisFlyer
  12. British Airways Executive Club
  13. TAP Air Portugal – TAP Miles&Go

Hotel Transfer Partners

In addition to airlines, Capital One also offers the ability to transfer rewards to hotel loyalty programs:

  1. Accor Live Limitless (ALL)
  2. Wyndham Rewards

Transfer Ratio

When transferring your Capital One miles to these partners, the transfer ratio is generally 2:1.5, meaning for every 2 Venture miles you transfer, you’ll receive 1.5 miles in the partner program. There are exceptions, however, as a few partners offer a less favorable 2:1 ratio.

Maximizing Your Rewards

To make the most of your Capital One Venture X rewards, it’s crucial to familiarize yourself with each transfer partner’s reward program. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses depending on factors like your travel destination, cabin preference, and date flexibility. Some programs might offer high-value redemptions for business or first-class flights, while others could provide excellent value for specific routes or hotel stays.

Always compare the potential value of a transfer to the value you’d get using Capital One’s Purchase Eraser or travel booking portal. Purchase Eraser allows you to redeem miles for statement credits against travel purchases, and each mile is worth one cent.


The Capital One Venture X card offers flexible options for travelers, with a variety of airline and hotel transfer partners. By understanding these partners and strategically transferring your rewards, you can potentially get substantial value out of your Venture X card. Always remember to double-check the current transfer ratios and partners directly with Capital One to ensure you have the most accurate information.