How Much Does Old Navy Pay

how much does old navy pay

When it comes to affordable, fashionable, and accessible clothing, Old Navy invariably lands at the forefront of many consumers’ minds. The brand, known for its trendy assortments and inclusive sizing, is a staple in many malls across America. But for those considering a career move, a pressing question emerges: How much does Old Navy pay? This article seeks to break down the financial dynamics of working at one of America’s most beloved apparel retailers.

Old Navy: A Brief Overview

Old Navy is a subsidiary of Gap Inc., a global apparel retail company. Since its establishment in 1994, Old Navy has expanded its footprint, with numerous stores across the U.S. and beyond. This growth trajectory necessitates a substantial workforce, from store associates to managers.

Salary Structure: Varied Roles, Varied Pay

Like most large retail chains, Old Navy’s pay structure varies significantly based on the role, location, experience, and tenure.

  1. Sales Associates: These are the front-liners, usually responsible for customer assistance, stocking merchandise, and manning cash registers. As entry-level positions, sales associates typically earn minimum wage or slightly above. As of the last update, this hovers around $10-$12 per hour, depending on the location.
  2. Supervisors and Lead Associates: A step above the standard sales roles, these positions involve additional responsibilities, like overseeing staff or managing specific departments. Accordingly, their hourly wages are a notch higher, often ranging between $12-$16.
  3. Managers and Assistant Managers: Tasked with comprehensive store operations, including sales targets, staff management, and inventory, managers naturally command higher salaries. Assistant managers typically earn between $40,000 and $50,000 annually, while store managers can expect somewhere in the ballpark of $50,000 to $75,000, contingent upon the store’s location and size.
  4. Specialized Roles: Old Navy stores also employ specialists for visual merchandising, loss prevention, and more. Their pay scales can vary but usually fall between that of lead associates and assistant managers.

Geographical Differences and Their Impact

Old Navy’s vast geographic presence means that pay can differ based on local minimum wage laws, living costs, and market demand. Stores in metropolitan areas or states with higher living costs often offer slightly elevated wages compared to their counterparts in more rural or lower-cost regions.

Benefits: Beyond the Basic Salary

While understanding the base salary is vital, Old Navy’s compensation package extends beyond just the hourly or annual pay:

  1. Discounts: Employees, regardless of their roles, typically enjoy substantial discounts at Old Navy and other Gap Inc. subsidiaries.
  2. Growth Opportunities: Being a part of the larger Gap Inc. ecosystem, Old Navy employees have a plethora of growth and transfer opportunities across brands.
  3. Training: Old Navy invests in its workforce through training programs, ensuring employees have the skills needed for their roles and future growth.
  4. Flexible Hours: Many roles, especially part-time ones, offer flexible hours, catering to students or those seeking a work-life balance.

The Bigger Picture: Industry Comparisons

In the grand scheme of retail, Old Navy’s pay scale is competitive, particularly when combined with its benefits. While some specialty retailers might offer marginally higher wages for similar roles, the brand’s growth opportunities, job stability, and benefits often make it an attractive choice for many job seekers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Old Navy employees get paid weekly or bi-weekly?

Typically, Old Navy employees are paid bi-weekly.

How does Old Navy’s pay compare to other Gap Inc. brands?

While there might be minor differences based on roles and regions, the pay scales across Gap Inc. brands are relatively comparable.

Are there commissions or performance bonuses?

Old Navy usually does not offer commissions for sales. However, there might be occasional performance-based incentives or bonuses, especially for management roles.

Is there a difference in pay for full-time versus part-time roles?

The hourly wage might be consistent, but full-time employees often have access to additional benefits, such as health insurance.


Old Navy, a beacon in the retail industry, not only offers trendy clothing but also presents a mosaic of career opportunities. While the exact pay can oscillate based on several factors, it’s evident that the brand strives to offer competitive wages, supplemented with benefits that enhance overall employee satisfaction. For those seeking a vibrant workspace with growth opportunities, Old Navy beckons.