How Much is Oil Change at Valvoline

how much is oil change at valvoline

Valvoline Instant Oil Change is one of the most recognized automotive service providers across the country, offering various services, including oil changes. With its quick and efficient service, many drivers turn to Valvoline for their vehicle’s needs. The cost of an oil change at Valvoline can vary depending on several factors, such as the type of oil, the vehicle make and model, and the location. Below is a comprehensive look at the aspects that may affect the price of an oil change at Valvoline.

Factors Influencing the Cost

1. Type of Oil

The type of oil you choose for your vehicle will greatly impact the cost of the oil change. Here are some common oil types offered at Valvoline:

  • Conventional Oil: This is often the most budget-friendly option, suitable for many vehicles. Prices for a conventional oil change typically range from $30 to $45.
  • Synthetic Blend: This blend of synthetic and conventional oil offers some benefits of full synthetic oil but at a more affordable price, usually ranging from $45 to $60.
  • Full Synthetic Oil: Known for superior performance and longevity, full synthetic oil changes can range from $60 to $90.
  • High Mileage Oil: Designed for vehicles with more than 75,000 miles, this option helps restore engine performance and can cost between $50 to $70.

2. Vehicle Specifications

Different vehicles may require different quantities and specific types of oil, which can affect the overall cost. For instance, larger engines might need more oil, which would increase the price.

3. Location

Prices can vary by region due to differences in local regulations, competition, and overhead costs. Some urban areas might have higher prices compared to suburban or rural locations.

4. Additional Services

Valvoline often offers other maintenance services that can be packaged with an oil change. While these might provide value, they will also increase the overall cost. Examples include air filter replacement, tire rotation, or fluid top-offs.

How to Find the Exact Price

Since the price can vary widely based on the above factors, here are ways to find the exact cost for your vehicle:

  • Use Valvoline’s Website: Many times, you can get an estimated price by entering your vehicle details and location into Valvoline’s online tool.
  • Call a Local Center: By calling a Valvoline location near you and providing information about your vehicle, you can get an accurate quote.
  • Look for Coupons and Promotions: Valvoline often offers discounts and promotions, so checking their website or local advertising could save you some money.


Valvoline Instant Oil Change provides several oil change options to meet different needs and budgets. The cost of an oil change at Valvoline depends on factors such as the type of oil, the vehicle’s make and model, the location, and any additional services chosen. By utilizing the tools provided by Valvoline, including their website and local centers, customers can find the most accurate price for their specific situation. Always keep an eye out for promotions and discounts to get the best deal on your next oil change at Valvoline.