Is Wells Fargo a Good Bank

is wells fargo a good bank

Wells Fargo, one of the largest banks in the United States, offers a wide array of financial services that extend far beyond simple checking and savings accounts. But does being a big bank automatically make it a good bank? This article will explore various aspects of Wells Fargo as a banking institution, considering factors such as customer service, product offerings, accessibility, and previous controversies to help you determine if Wells Fargo is the right bank for your needs.

Product Offerings

Wells Fargo provides a comprehensive selection of banking products. Customers have access to checking accounts, savings accounts, credit cards, mortgages, personal loans, auto loans, and investment services. The variety of offerings allows customers to consolidate their banking needs under one institution, making it easier to manage their overall financial picture.


With more than 5,000 branches and 13,000 ATMs nationwide, Wells Fargo offers extensive physical accessibility, which is especially beneficial for customers who prefer in-person banking. The bank also provides online and mobile banking options, allowing customers to manage their accounts, deposit checks, transfer money, and pay bills digitally.

Customer Service

Customer service is a vital component of any good bank. Wells Fargo offers several customer service channels, including phone support, online chat, and in-person assistance at branches. However, it’s worth noting that Wells Fargo has received mixed reviews for its customer service. Some customers appreciate the convenience and accessibility, while others have reported less satisfactory experiences.

Fees and Rates

Like many large traditional banks, Wells Fargo’s fees and rates are not its strongest suit when compared to online banks or credit unions. There are monthly fees for certain types of checking and savings accounts, though they can be waived with direct deposits, minimum balances, or other qualifying activities. As for interest rates, Wells Fargo’s rates on savings accounts and CDs tend to be lower than those offered by online banks.

Past Controversies

When evaluating the reputation of Wells Fargo, it’s crucial to acknowledge the bank’s past controversies. The most notable is the fake accounts scandal that came to light in 2016, where employees created millions of fraudulent savings and checking accounts without customers’ consent. This led to a substantial backlash, significant fines, and a hit to the bank’s reputation. Since then, Wells Fargo has made changes to its practices and is working to regain customer trust, but some potential customers may still have reservations.


So, is Wells Fargo a good bank? The answer depends largely on your individual needs and preferences. If you value a wide range of product offerings, physical branch access, and the convenience of having all your financial services under one roof, Wells Fargo might be a good fit for you.

However, if high-yield savings or low-fee banking is your priority, you might want to look at online banks or credit unions. Also, potential customers should take into account the bank’s past controversies and consider their comfort level with the bank’s reputation.

Remember, it’s essential to do your research and possibly consult with a financial advisor before choosing a bank to ensure it aligns with your financial goals and needs.